Intro to Kid's Nutrition

The focus of the Healthy Bean is shifting. Why? Because I believe that children are the next nutritional influencers. I also believe that they have an opportunity to choose what they put into their bodies when knowing the effects food, sugar, preservatives, etc have internally. I want to inspire youth to love their bodies and learn how to listen to what it may be telling them. This section of the blog is for the kids and I want to hear from YOU and your family!

Please take the time to comment or contact me for any blog posts you would like to see in the future.

To start:

- Do your children eat?

- Are your children picky eaters?

- Are your children active? In competitive sports? At camp all summer?

- Do your children have an autoimmune disease? Behavioural Disorder? Allergies?

- Are they old enough to cook?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, make sure to subscribe to the blog. The truth is, there is so much we can do to educate and inspire the youth of today. It is easy and convenient to grab pop off the shelf of a store, ask for candy, eat out, and especially as children grow into adolescents and teenagers. They can't be watched 100% of the time, but they can learn how to make better and informative choices. They can learn about healthy balance. All we can do is teach!

Why am I starting this movement?

When I volunteered in a high school I worked in the credit recovery program. My heart broke when I saw teens coming into class first thing in the morning with a Coca Cola and large triple triple for their breakfast. This is a much more extreme case, but I thought to myself, how are these kids feeling? Do they know it could be related to their diet? What if they just knew a little bit more.

Breakfast, behaviour, and performance in school are all related. So how can I encourage them to eat something? The truth is I can't. But I CAN give them the information they need to make a better choice for themselves. They can learn enough to want to make a better choice in the future.

If you're looking for easy recipes, tips on how to talk to your kids about health, fun facts, and have questions in general on how to approach a topic when it comes to nutrition, subscribe now and let's get teaching!

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