How To Make a Mean Smoothie

Summer isn't over just yet! Beat the heat with a nutrient dense, vitamin packed, super smoothie bowl. Smoothies don't need to be fruit, veg, and ice blended together to make a quick snack. These quick treats can be packed with essential nutrients to help get you through your morning (or afternoon). Here are some tips to adding some bank to your smoothie:

1. Add seeds like chia or flax seeds: Seeds are packed with essential fatty acids and omega-3's that have anti-inflammatory properties. They also are higher in calories and fuel your body for a little longer

2. Add a protein powder (that has less than 10 ingredients): Could be tricky, huh? Protein powder is great in smoothies. Because you already have so much flavour from fruits and vegetables, you don't need a chocolate cookie cupcake flavoured protein to make it taste great! Protein is vital for many functions in our bodies, especially repairing our muscles. It also fills our stomachs for a little longer so we aren't immediately starving after we finish our smoothie!

3. Add oats but don't blend them in: Adding oats allows for some texture in your smoothie, and a surprisingly great flavour. Adding texture prepares our bodies digestive system because you are stimulating your salivary glands when chewing the oats. Your entire digestive system is signalled to digest the food that will be coming its way! This is great for metabolism.

4. Add leafy greens like spinach, arugula or kale: Leafy greens contain important vitamins and minerals. They also are alkalinizing in the body which is important for healthy digestion and a healthy digestive tract. Pack them in there and aim for at least a cup of (very worthy) greens! Feel free to mix and match.

5. Add some spices like cinnamon, turmeric or ginger: These herbs are packed with dietary fibre and lots of vitamins and minerals. You don't need much. They bring a unique and tasty flavour to your smoothie along with tons of nutrients!

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