Intro to Kid's Nutrition

The focus of the Healthy Bean is shifting. Why? Because I believe that children are the next nutritional influencers. I also believe that they have an opportunity to choose what they put into their bodies when knowing the effects food, sugar, preservatives, etc have internally. I want to inspire youth to love their bodies and learn how to listen to what it may be telling them. This section of the blog is for the kids and I want to hear from YOU and your family! Please take the time to comment or contact me for any blog posts you would like to see in the future. To start: - Do your children eat? - Are your children picky eaters? - Are your children active? In competitive sports? At camp all s

How to choose a Protein Powder - Tips & Tricks on choosing for YOU!

Believe it or not, there is a lot more to choosing a protein powder than you may think because it depends on YOU! Your protein choice should be as unique as you are! Here are some tips to choosing a protein that is right for you. Lets get started! 1. Stay away from the hype and take your time. Choosing the right protein powder for your body is essential. Do some research, take samples when available, and listen to how your body responds and feels. Read ingredient labels, read reviews, and find a protein that you trust. Remember that just because a protein works for your friends, doesn't mean it will work for you. Ask questions! Your body will thank you for it! 2. Choose a protein powder that

GUEST POST: Why you might crave junk food when you're sleep deprived

Sleep deprivation and junk food go hand in hand. When you're sleep deprived, everything suffers - your energy, cognitive sharpness, mental health, and self-control. You're not living at your best, and this can throw off healthy functions that support good nutrition, including satiety hormones. Adults that don't sleep enough are more prone to be obese. In fact, longer sleep is associated with lower BMI and favorable metabolic profiles in adults. Short sleep is associated with greater risk of metabolic diseases, such as obesity. How Sleep Loss Leads to Weight Gain Losing sleep tends to make people eat more and gain weight. One reason is the impact sleep deprivation has on the brain. Just one n

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