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Marisa Meleca is a Holistic Nutritionist who graduated from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in 2016. She attended Wilfrid Laurier University in 2012 and holds a Bachelors Degree in Communication Studies with a minor in Psychology.

Marisa's passion for nutrition stems from her own personal journey with food. Marisa suffered from many food intolerances and digestive troubles as a young teen which affected both her physical and mental state. At a young age, Marisa began experimenting with food in an effort to reduce adverse symptoms and make herself feel better. She continued to pursue nutrition to expand her knowledge of the body and better understanding its digestive system in order to improve the overall well being of herself and those around her.

Marisa is passionate about nutrition, fitness, mental health, and caring for others. She has combined these passions to educate and empower individuals to take care of their bodies to feel better mentally and physically. Marisa recognizes that everyone is unique and hopes to inspire people to embrace their individuality. In her spare time, Marisa enjoys traveling, running, snowboarding, and playing soccer! 


Upon graduating IHN, Marisa’s nutritional journey begins at a co-op position with Immune System Management (ISM). Ottawa based, ISM is a life sciences and biotechnology company at the forefront of individualized, science-based, natural health and wellness. At ISM, Marisa’s responsibilities included developing nutritional protocols for unique client profiles, conducting appropriate research to develop professional protocols, learning about Aminomics and the company’s outstanding research and development with Aminomics, developing recipe plans for specific intolerances and allergies, as well as developing parasitic and hormonal protocols.

After her term at ISM was finished, Marisa began to work with Staterra, INC., an all natural fitness supplement company. Here, Marisa contributed to weekly meetings, as well as product development. Marisa currently uses Staterra’s protein, fish oils, and multi-nutrient product line in her every day practice.

Marisa continues to develop unique recipes, provide one-on-one consulting services, and leads nutrition talks across Ottawa, including the Running Room clinic talks and classroom lessons. Marisa is a member of the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants and holds the following designations: CNP, ROHP, RNCP. She is the sole proprietor of The Healthy Bean.

If you would like to schedule a nutrition talk with Marisa, please contact her here.

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